As professional interior design consultants since 1994, we are specialized for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Projects. With our professional knowledge, conscience, and management of the complexities at the crossroads where art, economics, technology, psychology and sociology meet, we produce the best design solution that fits your need with highly sophisticated details for each project.

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我們是一家提供專業設計及管理裝潢施工的公司,成立於1994年。憑豐富經驗,有效地運用空間及經濟資源,結合各方面的專業知識為你計劃、製作出精巧及優越的空間,服務項目包括: 室內設計規劃、店鋪陳列、木工裝潢裝修... 等。 我們以專業的設計與高品質的施工為您營造優美的生活空間,定能迎合您不同的需要。

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